Three’s a crowd at this bar

Cozy would be the only way to describe this watering hole, but when it comes to a point of difference, it doesn’t come any “smaller” than the Oasis Roadhouse in the Lynd.

This Roadhouse is home to Australia’s smallest bar, which has been attracting travellers looking for a cold brew since the 1980s. Measuring just 1.4m in length and with room for just two bar stools, be prepared to rub shoulders with your compatriot in arms.

Don’t worry ‘though, there is also a much larger beer garden for those not too keen on getting up close and personal.

Oasis’ other claim to fame is Australia’s best burgers – so what’s their secret ingredient?

According to owner Pauline Royes, it is all in the love and the generous toppings of course. A favourite for diners is the Oasis Whopper, and there is nothing small about this burger. “It is around 20cm tall and has a beef patty, steak, bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, beetroot and pineapple,” she says.

Now that’s a mouthful. The Oasis Roadhouse is located at The Lynd (Lynd Junction) between the two intersections of the Kennedy Development Road and the Gregory Developmental Road. It is open seven days from 7am-9pm.