Lake Belmore


Taking almost three years to fill from 1995 to 1998, Lake Belmore is considered the aquatic jewel of the Gulf Savannah. Built originally to supply the town of Croydon with a reliable source of water, this freshwater dam has become a huge drawcard in itself.

It is named after a nearby creek and cattle station, and is the largest body of fresh water in the region providing locals and tourists with a cool, clean, quiet place to swim, fish, ski, canoe and socialise. Not only that, it has become a haven for birdsĀ and wildlife.

It is recommended to head out at dawn or dusk to see awe-inspiring predatory birds like the wedge-tailed eagle, hawks and kites in action.

The lake is stocked with red claw, barramundi and sooty grunter, while black bream occur naturally. Barramundi and sooty grunter fingerlings are purchased and released into the lake every year to ensure the seasonally unrestricted fishing is always fantastic.

It is located less than 4km from Croydon on a bitumen road.