Rediscover Australia’s Golden Outback

gulflander station

Don’t just watch the train go past, jump on and rediscover northern Australia’s golden past. The Gulflander offers an unforgettable rail journey, crossing countryside from wetlands and grasslands to arid savannah territory most people will never see. (more…)

Historic Gulflander celebrates 125 years

A 12847

On Wednesday, July 20, 1891 at precisely 8.30am the first train left Normanton Railway Station and chugged along the newly laid steel track to Croydon Station where it arrived at 1.30pm to collect its first shipment for the port of Normanton. On Wednesday, July 20, 2016 it will be 125 years since this historic journey. (more…)

Paved in Gold

Forsayth’s history, much like that of the rest of the Gulf Savannah, is paved in gold. Opened up by gold prospectors in the late 1800s, Forsayth is only a small part of the Etheridge Goldfields. It is one of three townships to survive in the area. Gold nuggets were said to be plentiful and easily found on the ground of what was known as the ‘poor man’s’ goldfield. (more…)

Golden Country

The discovery of gold in Australia’s Gulf Savannah in the 1880s drew tens of thousands of people from all walks of life hopeful of striking it rich. Today, visitors can walk in these early prospectors’ shoes finding a discovery or two of their own at Flat Creek Station, just outside Georgetown.  (more…)

Gold nugget one of a kind

52 ounce and me2

Empty handed after a day’s fossicking? Don’t worry, you can still take home your own gold nugget including a very rare, one of a kind 52-ounce monster rock worth $200,000.

Now available for sale at the TerrEstrial Visitor Information Centre, the nuggets, which have been sourced within a 40km radius of Georgetown come in a range of sizes to suit any budget.  (more…)

Finding the top 5 gems

Just a little west of the Atherton Tablelands on the Savannah Way are soils rich with some of the world’s most stunning and sought after gemstones. It is here you will find true natural clear blue topaz, aquamarines and if you are very lucky, members of the quartz family including citrine, smoky quartz and clear quartz.  (more…)

Lake Belmore


Taking almost three years to fill from 1995 to 1998, Lake Belmore is considered the aquatic jewel of the Gulf Savannah. Built originally to supply the town of Croydon with a reliable source of water, this freshwater dam has become a huge drawcard in itself. (more…)

History comes alive at Croydon

A 12847

With enough charm to seduce any passing movie director, Croydon presents a delightful retrospective into the heady gold fever days of the late 1800s when an estimated 30,000 people lived and worked in the goldfields.  (more…)

Striking it rich in Croydon

In the dusty heart of the Gulf Savannah, a tale or two has been shared, family histories rediscovered and fame and fortune lost and found. Some stories are almost too sordid, a little too unbelievable, totally scandalous or just plain strange, but that is what family history is all about and at Croydon’s True Blue Visitor Information Centre, you may just discover yours. (more…)

Thrills and Spills in Gregory River Race

Gregory Canoe Race 2

Spectators line the Gregory River in northwest Queensland every May to cheer on an array of canoes and kayaks in Australia’s largest and most isolated canoe race.

The annual Gregory Down River Canoe Race in the Gulf Savannah regularly attracts more than 100 paddlers on the May Day weekend as they battle rapids and overhanging branches on the scenic 43km course. (more…)

Fossil Fever

Riversleigh fossils2

Fossil enthusiasts have the opportunity of a lifetime every July to meet with a team of palaeontologists when they descend on the Riversleigh Australian Fossil Mammal Site for their annual dig.

Led by Professor Michael Archer from the University of New South Wales, the scientists have uncovered fossils dating back 25 million years in the limestone deposits of Boodjamulla National Park. (more…)

Cruise an Outback Oasis

Hidden in the dusty outback of the Gulf Savannah is a spectacular oasis where tall cabbage-tree palms and pandanus frame dramatic red sandstone cliffs separated by emerald green water.

Lawn Hill Gorge in Boodjamulla National Park, 100km west of Gregory Downs, was once accessible only to those who enjoyed canoeing and bushwalking. (more…)

Seafood tops the menu in the gulf

Karumba Fishing Champs

It’s simple, fresh and what every visitor to Karumba can’t get enough of – seafood from the Gulf of Carpentaria.

At the Sunset Tavern where many a cold beer is downed as the red sun sinks into the ocean, the prawns and barramundi are the biggest sellers.  (more…)

Forsayth by night set to spook

Things are about to get a whole lot more spooky in the tiny Tropical North Queensland town of Forsayth.

Staff at the iconic Goldfields Hotel, a five hour drive southwest of Cairns, bring history alive through lantern-lit night tours. (more…)

Three’s a crowd at this bar

Cozy would be the only way to describe this watering hole, but when it comes to a point of difference, it doesn’t come any “smaller” than the Oasis Roadhouse in the Lynd.

This Roadhouse is home to Australia’s smallest bar, which has been attracting travellers looking for a cold brew since the 1980s. (more…)

Einasleigh Pub – an outback old girl


All over Australia you can find some very interesting and colourful pubs and there isn’t any better example than the Einasleigh Hotel, which has been the local watering hole in this outback town on the Savannah Way for 107 years. (more…)

Gilberton Outback Retreat

Another 56km along the road from Agate Creek for off-road vehicles and trailers,  the gorgeous Gilberton Outback Retreat awaits. The retreat is set on the banks of the Gilbert River on the seventh generation occupied Gilberton Station. The accommodation puts guests front and centre in the outback with panoramic views to take in from the verandah of their very own luxurious tin shed. (more…)

Undara Experience

About 275km southwest of Cairns and two hours’ drive east of Georgetown are the ancient lava tubes of the Undara Volcanic National Park, which are estimated to be 190,000 years old. Incorporating these into an unforgettable tourism attraction is the Undara Experience, which has been welcoming tourists to its establishment since 1990.  (more…)

Cobbold Gorge


Boasting untamed wilderness, rugged sandstone bluffs and unrivalled sunsets, Cobbold Gorge offers a true Queensland outback experience where you don’t have to sacrifice comfort. About six hours drive from Cairns or Townsville, this geological treasure is 90km south of the shire’s regional service centre, Georgetown. (more…)

Mackerel on the bite in the Gulf

The cooler months are the best time to catch Spanish mackerel at Sweers Island Resort in the Gulf of Carpentaria, 70km north of Burketown.

Sweers Island Resort owners Tex and Lyn Battle says (more…)

A Mighty River

The mighty Norman River is an impressive sight from the air as it snakes its way past Normanton to Karumba where it spills into the Gulf of Carpentaria. (more…)

Trip of a Lifetime for Birders

Those in the know call them a lifer a first ever sighting of a bird species you can add to your personal life list.

Twitchers get pretty excited about these lifers, according to Allison Newton who runs the Ferryman sunset, bird watching and croc spotting cruises in the Norman River at Karumba. (more…)

Birding and Wildlife


Considered a world-class bird watching destination in its own right, the Savannah Way with its diverse habitats, seasonal weather patterns and location of migratory routes attracts birders from across the world. (more…)

Travel the Savannah Way

At Undara Volcanic National Park, stop and marvel at the 160km lava tube system – the world’s longest lava flow from a single volcano. Savannah Guides, a network of professionals across northern Australia, lead tours here and guests have the choice of camping or staying in the


Hand feed a barra at Karumba

If you hook a barramundi at Lake Belmore in the Gulf Savannah, the chances are that it started life in Karumba at the Barramundi Discovery Centre.

The Carpentaria Shire Council hatchery supplies barramundi fingerlings for a number of Gulf waterways, including the Albert River in Burketown and the Norman River in Karumba, (more…)