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Katherine to Normanton – The People

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Isolated lifestyles predominate in the central Savannah Way, where pastoralists, miners and small communities have many kilometres between them. This is all the more reason to say “G’day” and catch up on local news when you get the chance.

Perhaps the deepest divide between the Northern Territory and Queensland is football codes, with Territorians favouring Australian Rules and Queenslanders committed to Rugby League. Catch a game on a pub television with the locals if you can.

Alcohol is a major issue in the region, and contributes to problems in many communities. The Australian Government and Queensland Government have adopted programs to restrict alcohol in many Aboriginal communities, so consuming and carrying is illegal in some areas. Check the website information and help these efforts to improve the lives of many locals.

You’ll see that the people of northern Australia are embracing new technologies and research in their land and community management. Some details of programs are here.

They also need your help to protect their environment and agriculture from disease and pests. Please be aware of quarantine issues on your travels.

Visit a local Katherine Our Territory website for some local updates and fun.