Normanton Fishing

Katherine to Normanton – Fishing

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Many regulars spend weeks in the western gulf fishing over the dry season, and it’s a fun activity for those passing through as well.

Check our Events section for fishing competitions across The Savannah Way. Even if you don’t compete it will be a lot of fun and some great eating!

Some of the hot spots are:

  • The Roper River around Roper Bar is a favourite barramundi spot for many.
  • Lorella Springs has several spots for freshwater Barramundi fishing, saltwater Barra fishing, Queen fish, sport fish, reef fish, game fish, crabbing, prawns and yabbies.
  • King Ash Bay has coastal and estuarine fishing.
  • Sweers Island in the Gulf near Burketown is a purpose run fishing camp with legendary catches. See details in our Normanton section.
  • Burketown has renowned barramundi fishing, plus king salmon, sooty grunter and mudcrabs.

Anglers do not require a licence to fish recreationally in Queensland or the Northern Territory, except if fishing in some stocked impoundments or Aboriginal land however there are some regulations to keep fish populations healthy. Full details on fishing regulations in Queensland and Northern Territory are available online.

Size limits are based on each species reproductive cycles. Minimum size limits generally allow fish to spawn at least once and contribute to the population before they are taken. However in some species larger individuals contribute more to the population such as the barramundi which begins its life a male and later, when larger, becomes female. A maximum size limit is applied to protect large females and allow them to spawn.

Take care when fishing! Saltwater crocodiles inhabit many of the Gulf Savannah’s waterways, so stay back from the water’s edge, avoid repetitive behaviour such as checking crab pots at the same time every day and clean fish well away from the water. Be Crocwise in Croc country!